Album Review :: Paige Drobot :: Woman / Everything


by Zoë LeBrun

Woman / Everything, the latest release from local musician Paige Drobot, is everything that your summer playlist needs. Drobot takes rock and roll and turns it on its head, offering a completely unique perspective on the genre with tidbits of jazz peppered throughout her work. Much like its album artwork, Woman / Everything feels and sounds ethereal, taking you to a distant place and working its way into your mind where it stays for hours after listening to it. 

The track “Woman,” my personal favourite of the album, gives listeners a taste of what it’s like to be both a woman and a serious musician, using some of the misogynistic comments that Drobot has heard over the years at shows as lyrics. As such, “Woman” offers us a playful critique of Winnipeg’s music scene and an upbeat song to listen to as well, showcasing Drobot’s sense of humour and skill on the guitar.

Following “Woman” comes “Everything,” a more subdued track with a lighter sound that falls into a waltz-like rhythm. “Everything” embodies a bittersweet trip down memory lane with a cinematic feel; if you listen closely enough, its infectious melody can make you feel almost as if you’re light enough to float on thin air. Once again, Drobot’s guitar-playing and song-writing skills are evident in this track with its subtle technical nuances and key changes that reflect her attention to detail and studies in music. 

Woman / Everything is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and at your local record shops.

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