EP Review :: Ellis :: nothing is sacred anymore

by Daniel Kussy

The melancholic piano melody on “dopamine” stands adjacent to a clear starry night, so long as the sun is rising when the instrumentation expands towards the end to include heavy-handed drums.

The delicate and ever angelic voice of Linnea Siggelkow, who performs under the moniker “Ellis,” aches with loneliness and the following lust for connection throughout the EP. on “hospital,” Siggelkow reconciles in lieu of a series of emergency doors and her own self consciousness (bleeding out of my hand/I called him and said/comin’ as fast as i can/his whole face turned green/but he stayed brave for me).

The dreamy guitars on “what if love isn’t enough” are a brief departure from the sadgirl-meets-bedroom indie sound that is signature to Ellis, they glisten underneath Siggelkow’s window gazing, baring the question at hand that shares the title.

“hell,” the final track, is a chilling duet with satanic sweetheart Brandon Williams (aka “Chastity”). Siggelkow gives a nod to Phoebe Bridgers, melodically channeling the explosive emo-folk singer “Scott Street,” Siggelkow matches her heavy-handed yet tongue-in cheek lyricism (“is it the heat or the loneliness/the fear that makes your stomach turn/well it can’t be any worse than this”). The wholesome chemistry is vibrant when their voices synchronize (“I’ve seen hell and I’m not afraid to die”).

Best experienced under the deep blue street lights on Wellington outside of Munson Park, “nothing is sacred anymore” bathes in the moonlight, and is more curious than afraid of what might come over the horizon.

For fans of: Phoebe Bridgers, Dizzy, Tomberlin


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