Album Review :: Casper Skulls :: Knows No Kindness

by Ryan Haughey   

Casper Skulls throws listeners through a fast-paced portal of sonic emotions with Kindness. On the opening track, “Tommy”, Casper Skulls presents indecision with the short piano intro that gives listeners insight into the views of “Tommy’s” perspective. However, the storyteller expresses tentativeness for intimacy with a transition into the clean guitar riff with the lyrics “Tommy I just don’t know”. The following guitar riff is youthfully insightful, with lyrics that explore the possibilities of relationships, exploring commitment and emotional attachment.

Casper Skulls experiments with unique ideas while remaining true to traditional indie styles. Taking the low-end drum beat intro into a guitar and bass riff in “Thesis” draws listeners in and falls back into the traditional indie rock riffage with smooth, reverberating vocals. Casper Skulls has a way of pop/rock styles into a presentation that calls upon a lifetime of twists and turns.

The diverse flow of each track pulls listeners into a unique story with each track. “Ouia” starts with a steady, haunting railroad current that speeds up towards the conclusion, which pulls listeners hair first off of a diving board into “Witness”, a track that challenges melodic expectations and cements the artistic style of twangy lead guitars and clean, solid rhythms. 

Each track makes room for each instrument to shine, while still complementing one another with melody and rhythm. “Proem” transports the listener into the album title track by revving ethereal synthetic effects into a chorus that beats only when the lyrics “Know No Kindness” signal for a stroll through an embracing sonic comfort. 

This record’s final track calls back the piano from the opening song and expands on the emotional vulnerability with lyrics such as “I loved you in spite of everything in my own selfish way.” Casper Skulls doesn’t have to take a brand-new approach to indie rock composition because their full and emotionally deep sound encompasses listeners with their own brand of emotional relativity which uniquely draws in listeners own emotional vulnerability.

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