Album Review :: Emma Worley :: Sentimentalist

by Gabriel Fars

Released just in early June of 2022, Sentimentalist is Emma Worley’s powerful debut album. The album features several different musicians, including Ben Whiteley on bass and cello, Drew Jureka on viola and violin, Karen Ng on clarinet, Jasper Smith on electric guitar, Miles Breithaupt as well as Caitlin Comeau-Jarvis both doing backing vocals, and of course, not to forget, the one and the only Emma Worley, who did lead vocals, acoustic guitar, and vibraphone. These incredibly talented musicians and songwriters give absolute emotional depth to the album. 

Emma Worly’s Sentimentalist manages to combine both, acoustic, and classical styles of instruments with timeless and relatable lyrics that sound just like a poem. The added violin and cello give the overall album a very lively and eloquent feel, making the softness of the music blend in well with the vocals and lyrical themes of the album. Through themes of change, moving on, tough relationships and bittersweet emotion, Emma Worley’s music feels like a close friend offering you a pat on the back. You can tell that she knows just how to connect with her audiences, leaving you with a whirlwind of emotions. I believe that this is especially highlighted in her debut single from the album, “Gemini.” 

With lyrics like “You were born that was so brave, did you come crashing in from outer space? Was it a push? A pull? A keeping-of-pace? A downhill slope or a trip in the maze? Are we clinging to time like clothes on a line? Hung out to dry but caught in a lightning storm. Can’t say I didn’t warn ya,” you can clearly see the thought and depth that she put into her lyrics, with metaphors relating to outer space, or being caught in a lightning storm, she makes the listener feel the loneliness, disorientation, and struggle that might come with losing relationships or sudden change. 

Similar in vocal and musical style to artists like Joni Mitchell or Neil Young, Emma Worley’s new album is the perfect listen for your sad girl summer.

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  1. Great review of an awesome, under the radar album.

    I love the song Gemini, and think many of her other songs one the album are equally as good. My favourites are 3.25, Jigsaw, and Homesick!

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