Album Review :: Saltwater Hank :: Stories From the Northwest

by Kaelen Bell

There are rare moments when it seems that every hippie you’ve ever met was right; that time really is a construct, man.

That it’s all in your head – that the past and the present and the future and every minuscule, incomprehensible halfway moment exist at once. That you can touch the air beside your face and brush against uncountable realities. Continue reading “Album Review :: Saltwater Hank :: Stories From the Northwest”

Trampled by Turtles :: Slow and steady wins the race

By Scott Wolfe

These bluegrass boys just released their new album Stars and Satellites in April and have a hectic touring schedule planned for the summer. Stylus talked with Eric Berry (mandolin) over the phone to catch up with the band, chat about the new album and (personally) get super stoked for their show at the West End Cultural Center August 30th! Continue reading “Trampled by Turtles :: Slow and steady wins the race”

Oh My Darling

By Michael Elves

Photo by Antoinette Dyksman
Photo by Antoinette Dyksman

On the strength of their self-titled debut EP, Winnipeg roots quartet Oh My Darling are going places, fast. So fast that I couldn’t nail them down in person and had to conduct our interview on Facebook while the band was touring western Canada. Fiddle player Rosalyn Dennett—who is joined in the band by Allison de Groot on claw-hammer banjo, Marie-Josée Dandeneau on upright and electric bass and Vanessa Kuzina on vocals, guitar and mandolin—filled me in on the past, present and future of the group. Continue reading “Oh My Darling”