send + receive 2013 :: festival preview


by Daniel Emberg

Transcendence. That is the theme of the 15th edition of send + receive, Winnipeg’s international sound art festival. For 2013, the festival has booked some of the most exciting names in… well, a field that seems to suit the theme quite well. Sound art is conceptualized broadly enough at send + receive to transcend even a common descriptor. In speaking about send + receive, the artists variously use expressions such as “avant-garde,” “challenging,” “subversive,” and “ecstatic.” Continue reading “send + receive 2013 :: festival preview”

August Festival Round-up


by Daniel Emberg

Summertime signals a bevy of exciting festivals throughout Manitoba and fine music may be heard ringing across cities, woods, and lakes. One of the busiest weekends for festivals will be August 16-18, and here we focus on three festivals taking place during that stretch, which hint at the wide range of options available to Winnipeg music lovers. Continue reading “August Festival Round-up”

Not Enough Fest


by Dave Skene

The first step is always the hardest. You feel like an alien in your own body, adrenaline races to your brain, there’s a sharpening sensation as each nerve flips on, your mind, not knowing what to expect, takes everything in as your heart thumps in your chest like a big bass drum. Continue reading “Not Enough Fest”

MEME Festival

by Victoria King

When the stage in Old Market Square was torn down and replaced by the Cube in 2010, the structure was met with mixed emotions. Its futuristic design, its odd and confusing functionality, and a remaining nostalgia for the former, more traditional stage seemed to be major concerns in some people’s minds. Continue reading “MEME Festival”