Weekenders 01/24 – 01/27

Big FUn 2013


It is so cold I don’t even want to talk about it. Good thing Big Fun is here to distract us & keep us partying hard!

Thursday January 24 2013

The Fun gets started tonight, with kick off gigs at the Windsor (187 Gary), featuring Gourmet Scum & Kindest Cuts, and the Young United Church (222 Furby St), featuring big shots Cannon Bros, Doug Hoyer, and the Liptonians. It’s also Draft Night down at the Windsor, so admission is free & draft is on special.

Friday January 25 2013

There’s a full line-up of great shit to see tonight, folks! Starting with a free show at the Ballroom (218 Roslyn Road) at 6:30 with Lawrence Lee and Jenny Berkel, the night continues across town. If punk rock is your bag, hit the Cavern (112 Osborne) for Loose Nuke, Blackout Brigade, and Dangercat. Into some raw rock n roll? Hit the ANAF Club 60 (433 River) for Plegm Fatale, The Mystics, and the Angry Dragons (just remember to remove your hat, please). Gio’s plays host to DJ Co-op, Pip Ski, and Cadence Weapon (!!!), and the MEME folks are hosting an afterparty featuring the likes of Nathan Zahn, Carrie Gates, and Jon Vaughn.

Saturday January 26 2013

The party continues Saturday with a free show at Into the Music (245 McDermott) in the afternoon, featuring Figure, Glass Random, and A Waste Odyssey, followed by a free showcase at aceartinc featuring Doug Hoyer, Jeans Boots, and a surprise guest. Hit the Windsor in the evening for Warsaw, Salinas, and the Bokononists, or get over to Gio’s (155 Smith) for Animal Teeth, Jeans Boots, and The Ripperz. Holy shit eh?

Sunday January 27 2013

There’s more Fun to be had, though! Ease into your hangover with the sounds of Claire Morrison, Yes We Mystic, and Byrne Fiddler at the Winnipeg Free Press News Cafe (237 McDermott). Word on the street is that joint might be closing it’s doors soon, so enjoy it while you can!

Tickets for Big Fun are still available at Into the Music, Music Trader, and Ticketworkshop.com . $40 gets you an all access, no holds barred pass. So get on it! -SB

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