Heavy fOnk and high vibrations :: Finding peace with Dudley Perkins

 Dudley Perkins 2

by Harrison Samphir

Before I spoke with Dudley Perkins (aka Declaime), the emcee from Oxnard, CA, I was half expecting the sort of humdrum discussion a music journalist typically shares with an interviewee: those unambiguous conversations about new records, inspirations and touring schedules. After all, I thought, Dudley’s been in the rap game for nearly twenty years. He helped solidify a West Coast hip hop resurgence with neighborhood friends Madlib, Oh No, DJ Romes and Kankick. There can’t be a question he hasn’t heard before.

As it turned out, however, the interview – like Dudley – was anything but ordinary. Over the course of an hour we talked about his unique style, the universe and how sonic vibrations influence the way listeners think and behave. Together with his wife, soul singer and songwriter Georgia Anne Muldrow, Dudley operates SomeOthaShip Connect, a California-based independent record label. His latest release is called Dr. Stokley, an 18-track, funk-infused album released through the Mellow Music Group. Continue reading “Heavy fOnk and high vibrations :: Finding peace with Dudley Perkins”

Chivas N Kream :: Q & Eh with local hip hop duo


by Sheldon Birnie

Since the early 1990s, Winnipeg has boasted a prolific and diverse hip hop music scene. Today, that scene is still thriving. One crew that continues to perform and promote underground hip hop, with a bent towards enjoying the good things our cold, hard city has to offer is the Deafwish crew. In November, Deafwish’s Chivas & Kream dropped their latest album, Secret Ingredientz, at the Windsor. On NYE, Chivas Brother, aka Carter Hanke, and Kream, aka Aaron Karlson are performing alongside their rec hockey teammates in Clipwing and Propagandhi at the most sought after NYE event of the year. Chivas & Kream, “just two guys from Dauphin who got together and started doing music,” sat down with Stylus over a few pints at the Toad recently to talk hip hop, skateboarding, booze, and hockey. Here’s a little taste of those ingredientz. Continue reading “Chivas N Kream :: Q & Eh with local hip hop duo”

Vancouver’s Cityreal keeping a close to ear to the pavement

by Harrison Samphir
When Stylus asked Remi Huot, otherwise known as Cityreal, how he began making hip hop music in his early twenties, the answer was not unusual.“I fell into it accidentally,” he recalls, speaking with Stylus on the phone from Vancouver BC. “I had some knowledge of music from playing in high school bands, and later on started messing around with beats. I just stuck with it as a hobby.”Now 26 years old, Huot is among Canada’s most prolific rising emcees, boasting two records, three Western Canadian Music Award nominations, and a substantive list of associated acts including Swollen Members, Sweatshop Union, D-Sisive and even Leslie Feist. Continue reading “Vancouver’s Cityreal keeping a close to ear to the pavement”