TOPS :: Elegance and ease

by Chris Bryson

Not many bands can make music that moves with such elegance, ease, and bounce as TOPS. Surely this is no easy feat, as the band has been honing their formula over the course of three albums, plus another in progress. Last year’s Sugar at the Gate, TOPS’ third full-length, found the band pushing their soft indie rock a la mellow disco-funk into a further refined breezy luster. Continue reading “TOPS :: Elegance and ease”

Phoebe Bridgers

by Brandon Bertram

Phoebe Bridgers doesn’t remember a time she wasn’t into music. “I listened to a shit ton of music when I was a kid, I went to concerts all the time when I was a teenager. I can’t remember not playing or not wanting to be a musician,” she tells me over the phone from L.A. Continue reading “Phoebe Bridgers”

Nonstophiphop :: Open Mike Eagle and the LA sound


by Harrison Samphir

In 2008, Ava DuVernay’s documentary film This Is the Life chronicled the rise of LA’s alternative hip hop community from the vantage point of the Good Life Health Food Centre’s weekly open-mic night. Founded in 1989, the event attracted emcees, poets and heads alike. It was a place to freestyle (cuss-free), practise the art of rap and celebrate hip hop culture with the serious disposition of an aspiring artist. Jurassic 5, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Skee-Lo and the Pharcyde were all schooled at Good Life. Continue reading “Nonstophiphop :: Open Mike Eagle and the LA sound”