KEN mode

by Chris Bryson

Never a band to tread the same path twice, KEN mode’s return seemed destined to cover new ground. After having taken on bold variations of sound all rooted in the jagged rage of noise, the guys have landed in darker territory on their newest offering Loved. And judging by the first couple tracks released from the album, the KEN mode fury is alive and well. Continue reading “KEN mode”

Urban Vacation :: New Beginning

A new beginning and a new line up for local indie band Urban Vacation. With their show on October 19th at the Handsome daughter being the final one for a while, it was a sad affair.  It was a send off for their drummer/vocalist, Noah Hoffman. He is going on a permanent vacation from the band before they plan to hit the studio to record their debut LP later this year. I sat down with the lead guitarist/vocalist, Isaac Tate, along with the bassist/vocalist, Sean Henderson, and their new synth player, Jesse Lawrence to talk about their Avant Garde blend of sampling, dreamy instrumentals and what the future holds for them. Continue reading “Urban Vacation :: New Beginning”

Cluster New Music & Integrated Arts Festival


by Daniel Emberg

Cluster New Music & Integrated Arts Festival is known for the quality and innovation of its programming in music and interdisciplinary arts, with its annual call for submissions being answered by artists all over the world. Cluster also maintains an unwavering commitment to highlighting the work of Winnipeg artists alongside that of their cutting-edge contemporaries from farther afield. Stylus recently got in touch with several of those involved to find out more about Cluster’s 2014 program, the theme of which is AMPLIFICATION. Continue reading “Cluster New Music & Integrated Arts Festival”