Powder Blue – Dream in Black

powder blue

At just six tracks, this LP from Saskatoon’s psychedelic lovelies Powder Blue acts as a satisfying debut, while also wetting one’s taste for more. Powder Blue commands the ability to lay out heavy grooves while at the same time building an ethereal aural experience. The A side begins with the brooding “Go On Forever,” before cranking it up for the title track, and then slowing it down again for the meditative, and aptly titled, “The Haunting.” The B side gets going with the rocking “Hot Fire,” complete with soaring vocals, organ swells, and tech glitches that propel you into “All of His Love.” The album closes with the rousing and celebratory “Turn to Dust,” before fading away into the ether. The interaction of the low end, the high flying guitar and synth combo, and dreamy vocals takes the listener on a beautiful trip that’s over all too quickly. Definitely pumped to hear what Powder Blue conjures up next. (Independent, powder-blue.ca) Sheldon Birnie

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