Powder Blue turn up the heavy


by Sheldon Birnie

Saskatoon’s Powder Blue are creating quite the buzz around themselves; a heavy, fuzzed out, droning buzz. The psychedelic quartet released their debut disc Dream in Black earlier this year, and have played stellar gigs across the West since. With a new member and some new tunes in tow, they return to Winnipeg this weekend to rock the Windsor with fellow ‘Toon towners Shooting Guns. Stylus caught up with Shelby Gaudet as they prepared for this mini prairie tour. Continue reading “Powder Blue turn up the heavy”

Shooting Guns :: Motherfuckers Never Learn


by Sheldon Birnie

The barren landscape before you is obscured in a thick, pungent haze as the red orb of the sun begins to climb the horizon. The earth beneath your feet is charred and oozing, like the flesh on a burn victim’s face. The air is still, but your head buzzes with the terrible knowledge that something cataclysmic has just transpired. Only you can’t remember what it was. The only sound that can be heard is the ringing drone where your eardrums used to be. Are your ears bleeding? Yes. Yes they are. Continue reading “Shooting Guns :: Motherfuckers Never Learn”

Jeans Boots :: Saskatoon songstress comes to town for Big Fun

by Victoria King
If you go Googling “Jeans Boots,” you’re bound to come up with some interesting results.There are plenty of images of slender ladies’ legs tucked into cowboy boots, as well as one blog devoted entirely to women wearing boots. For all intensive purposes, we’re ignoring those. Jeans Boots not only refers to Jeanette Stewart’s solo work, but also her full band — a “pajama pop” garage rock group from Saskatoon — who’ll be headed our way in January for the second coming of Big Fun. Continue reading “Jeans Boots :: Saskatoon songstress comes to town for Big Fun”