send + receive v.16


by Daniel Emberg

Every year the send + receive (s+r) festival is curated around a particular theme. For this, its sixteenth edition, that theme is “physical sound,” and the four-day schedule of performances and installations reflect a broad and unpredictable range of treatments through which participating artists are interpreting that theme.

Festival director crys cole recently told Stylus that after sorting through the various submissions for this year’s festival, “things took a turn more toward the [human] body.” The pieces to be performed are, “not so much about how sound can create physical reactions in an object, but more the ways in which sound is created by the body or the way the body responds to sound.” The emphasis on bodies does not necessarily colour everything you will hear at s+r, but there will be no mistaking the theme at any of the venues—several of which will be hosting festival performances for the first time. Continue reading “send + receive v.16”

send + receive v15 :: EVP Project


by Daniel Emberg

Last fall, a Winnipeg artist named Doreen Girard and a Montreal colleague named Kier-La Janisse got to chatting. They were discussing the work of Daphne Oram, an electronic musician probably best known as a co-founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Inspired by Oram’s idea of harmonic frequencies as a portal to telepathic communication, Girard and Janisse found their way to Electronic Voice Phenomenon, an obscure paranormal occurrence that seized the imaginations of such luminaries as Edison, Marconi, and Tesla. Girard and Janisse each rounded up five women from their respective cities to create installations exploring EVP, and they call the program Voices From Beyond. It recently debuted at this year’s Film Pop, and will now be presented at various venues around downtown Winnipeg throughout the send + receive festival. Winnipeg is represented by Irene Bindi, Doreen Girard, Andrea Roberts, Leslie Supnet, and Gwen Trutnau. Montreal participants are Elisabeth Belliveau, Kara Blake, Ruby Kato-Attwood, Erin Sexton, and Malene Szlam. Check the send + receive website for details on the wheres and the whens associated with all those whos. Stylus had a great exchange with the aforementioned Girard about the EVP Project, and you get to read it as soon as your eyes get past this part! Continue reading “send + receive v15 :: EVP Project”

send + receive v15 :: The Sons of God


Photo by Conny Fornbäck
Photo by Conny Fornbäck

by Daniel Emberg

The Sons of God, together since 1988, have a near-mythical reputation in the outsider art world. The enigmatic Swedish duo have always been interested in challenging both themselves and their audiences with wide-ranging, unpredictable, interdisciplinary art. There is a unique chance to catch the Sons of God in Winnipeg, as theirs will surely be one of the standout shows at the send + receive festival, which has them on a bill this Friday, October 11, that also includes Tony Conrad, Greenhouse, and the EVP Project. One of the members, Leif Elggren, was kind enough to give Stylus some idea of what he and Kent Tankred have in store for us. Continue reading “send + receive v15 :: The Sons of God”

send + receive v15 :: Greenhouse

photo by Robert Szkolnicki.


by Daniel Emberg

Winnipeg’s own Curran Faris has been active as Greenhouse since 2009, using guitar as the source of minimal yet engaging electronic drone soundscapes not typically associated with the instrument. He has released Greenhouse albums on Reverb Worship and Prairie Fire Tapes, and will be performing as part of the send + receive festival on Friday, October 11—sharing a bill with Tony Conrad, the Sons of God, and the EVP Project. As made evident in this e-mail exchange with Stylus, the festival has long been dear to Faris, and he is extremely excited to be playing it this year!  Continue reading “send + receive v15 :: Greenhouse”

send + receive v15 :: Magneticring


by Daniel Emberg

Peeled straight from his bio: “A longstanding figure in Vancouver’s underground music scene, Joshua Stevenson aka Magneticring has performed, collaborated and toured with numerous artists from around the world such as Von Bingen, Staked Plain, Kemialliset Ystävät, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Jandek and Land of Kush. Working with primarily with analog synthesizers and electrical effects Magneticring’s musical sphere ranges from 1930s Indonesia to 1970s Germany. Tones, Drones and Phase.” You can catch Magneticring in concert during the send + receive festival, as he plays a show on Wednesday, October 9 with Le Révélateur that will also feature screenings of two Jordan Belson films. Stylus recently cajoled Stevenson into spending a few minutes sharing thoughts on what will be his first-ever appearance in Winnipeg. Continue reading “send + receive v15 :: Magneticring”

send + receive 2013 :: festival preview


by Daniel Emberg

Transcendence. That is the theme of the 15th edition of send + receive, Winnipeg’s international sound art festival. For 2013, the festival has booked some of the most exciting names in… well, a field that seems to suit the theme quite well. Sound art is conceptualized broadly enough at send + receive to transcend even a common descriptor. In speaking about send + receive, the artists variously use expressions such as “avant-garde,” “challenging,” “subversive,” and “ecstatic.” Continue reading “send + receive 2013 :: festival preview”

((( send + receive ))) takeover

Starting today, send + receive is hosting a number of experimental and “out there” film screenings, art installations, and musical performances throughout the week.
To kick it off, Winnipeg’s favourite circut-bender Clint Enns has a video playing at Gallery 1C03 at the University of Winnipeg. It’s titled Prepare to Qualify, named after the banner that flies across the screen in Pole Position, the Atari game which Enns bent to make rhythmic pulses, nauseating squelches, and cathartic drones.

We asked him to choose a video that’s inspired him and why. Here’s what he said>>>

Chapters 1-12 of R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet Synced and Played Simultaneously (2006) by Michael Bell-Smith.  A playful reinterpretation of a pop culture classic.

Chapters 1-12 of R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet Synced and Played Simultaneously (2006) by Michael Bell-Smith. Courtesy EAI. from Why + Wherefore on Vimeo.

If you can handle that, or better yet, if you dig it, you’d best check out Prepare to Qualify which runs until this Friday. send + receive is running all week long, and again, it is not to be missed. Mind alterations await you!

crys cole – Ear to the Ground

crys-praxis-liveBy Curran Faris

crys cole wants you to listen. Carefully.
She’s the artistic director for Winnipeg’s annual sound art festival, send + receive, but she also has her own art practise and has been sculpting sounds and challenging eardrums for ten years. In June, cole embarked on a two-week European tour, playing in biggest scenes in experimental music—Paris, Brussels and Berlin. She said the response to her work was overwhelmingly positive, offering her the opportunity to perform and network with the massive experimental music communities in Europe.

“It’s just a different dynamic out there. There’s a different appreciation for the arts in general and a different appreciation for this type of music. It has a history,” said cole.
Continue reading “crys cole – Ear to the Ground”