Hoot Owl Festival :: New Name, Same Place, Familiar Spirit

by Chris Bryson

Continuing tradition can be a great thing. Apply that to music festivals and you’ve found many people’s version of heaven. Areas of the world have so many memories spread across what eventually becomes sacred musical land. The first ever Hoot Owl festival makes its home in Kerry, Manitoba at the old locale of the legendary Shine On festival and sets out to continue tradition while being its own thing in the process. Continue reading “Hoot Owl Festival :: New Name, Same Place, Familiar Spirit”

Hillbilly Highway – Summer’s over, folks

by Sheldon Birnie

Well, friends, the Harvest Moon Festival wrapped up this past weekend under Sunday’s grey skies. The weekend was a beauty for an outdoor festival, and about as far removed from last year’s chilly, drizzle soaked romp as could be. The sun was shining Friday as I drove into the sunset, and Saturday hovered around 30 degrees. People walked around the community barefoot, bare chested, and smiling ear to ear, soaking up the last of the season’s rays. Continue reading “Hillbilly Highway – Summer’s over, folks”