Album Review :: TOPS :: Empty Seats

by Ryan Haughey

Montreal’s sweetheart band TOPS builds on their already sparkling discography with their most recent EP, Empty Seats. After their previous full-length record, we’ve come to expect their usual driven, bubbly pop style – and on Empty Seats, the band delivers. But it’s never tired or recycled. All five songs hold something new to discover for TOPS in both storytelling and composition.

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TOPS :: Elegance and ease

by Chris Bryson

Not many bands can make music that moves with such elegance, ease, and bounce as TOPS. Surely this is no easy feat, as the band has been honing their formula over the course of three albums, plus another in progress. Last year’s Sugar at the Gate, TOPS’ third full-length, found the band pushing their soft indie rock a la mellow disco-funk into a further refined breezy luster. Continue reading “TOPS :: Elegance and ease”