Vampires – Every Kind of Light


These Winnipeg dudes released their self-titled debut in 2012 and it straight up kicked ass. Now we are treated to the awesomeness that is the four song EP Every Kind of Light.  The EP opens with some nice post-rock airy guitar followed by a crushing blow of crunchy guitars and relentless drumming on “Not Waiting ‘Till Fall.” The catchy shoegaze elements and full on noise are present in spades on epic instrumental track “Riff Rise” and in the distorted album closer “There’s No Kissing Anymore.” The highlight of the album for me is “Winnipeg Song,” musically it is broken into these slower segments that erupt into Vampires signature distortion soaked sound, and then back into the cooing vocals and slow rock, and on top of it add some captivating lyrics. The instrumental track and the shifty “Winnipeg Song” really make for a great and diverse listen, yet somehow the EP flows really nicely yet at no point is the listener left idle. An excellent teaser by a great local band, look for them live August 6th at the WECC! (Independent, Scott Wolfe


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