Blitzen Trapper – American Goldwing

Blitzen Trapper’s latest album – their third for indie-giant Sub Pop – American Golding is an enjoyable affair. With a real West Coast retro vibe throughout, these beardos have certainly created an album full of tunes that wouldn’t sound out of place when thrown into a playlist between CSNY and the Sheepdogs. A couple of the tunes stand-out after repeated listening, like the cautionary booze cruiser “Fletcher” and the cheeky “Love the Way You Walk Away.”
Overall, the album plays well straight through. I cranked’er cruising Highway 1 between Winnipeg and Brandon a couple times and, for the most part, it made for good driving music. However, the album does lag a bit through the middle, providing either the perfect place to pull over and piss, or hit the skip button on the changer.
Another thing that sticks with me, though, is that the album is almost too conscious of its retro-rocker-roots. Many of the tunes, and lyrics, sound as though you’ve already heard them before when you’ve been half-assed listening to the AM dial – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not exceptional. Not a bad album to play while cruising by any means, but maybe not a whole lot more. (Sub Pop, Sheldon Birnie

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