Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams

“But in half-dreams that shift and roll / And still remember and forget / My soul this hour has drawn your soul / A little nearer yet.” These words, by artist and poet Dante Gabriel Rosetti, largely inspires the latest release of the Dum Dum Girls. Only in Dreams is a tidal wave of surf rock with reverb guitars, sultry and smooth vocals with edge, and catchy hooks appearing consecutively on each track. After the success of their first album I Will Be in 2007, Only in Dreams welcomes the girls back. Starting off explosively and continuing through with soft-punk/surfer-femme pop rock fashion, it’s reminiscent of the Go-Go’s but painted in red and finished off with some fishnets and combat boots. “Bedroom Eyes” is a personal favorite and one that is beachy and fresh. It’s all relative, though, as there’s something to be said about each track. “Just a Creep” shifts gears admirably, while “Coming Down” is packed with pain. The inner jacket/album insert dedicates the disk to the recent passing of lead singer Kirsten Gundred’s (stage name ‘Dee Dee’) mother, “the original Dee Dee.” That being said, hearing “Hold Your Hand” is a stirring and beautiful goodbye. Reconnecting in dreams, constant searching of one kind or another and sick hits culminate into one pumped-up album. (Sub Pop, subpop.com/) Victoria King

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