Shooting Guns / Krang – split 7”

This little split from Saskatoon’s Shooting Guns and Edmonton’s Krang is fucking tasty. Purveyors both of heady instrumental intensity, I’ve been digging on their respective recent releases to the point of mania lately, so to have them both on one slab of vinyl is a goddamn treat. Shooting Guns’ “Sky High and Blind” is a building march into some ill-lit cavern where naught but impending doom awaits the listener. Krang’s “Shake Joint” is a fuzzed out ride into the stratosphere on a rickety home made rocket and the blissed out drifting back to the Earth below. Both tunes pick up where the bands’ respective releases – Shooting Guns’ Polaris long-listed Born to Deal in Magic 1952 – 1976 LP and Krang’s Choke Hits EP – left off. If you’re into heavy music and electric lettuce, get this split, light it up and crank it to 11. (Psychic Handshake, Sheldon Birnie

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