SXSW :: Stylus has arrived


Well, we made it to Austin.

After a 26 hour drive through ice covered highways and a blizzard that spanned three states and left over 50 cars lying in the ditch, we rolled into town yesterday afternoon. We established our Austin Bureau near the University of Texas and got into some Miller High Life.

Even though we haven’t received our press passes yet, we were easily convinced to hit the town and check out the parties going on. We stood in line on 6th for almost half an hour, hoping to get into a show at the Parish, where Alt-J and Dawes were slated to perform.

After it became apparent that we weren’t getting in, we hit the Vice party a few blocks south. There was no line and admission was free. So was the booze. Hundreds of folks milled about, dancing, listening, or straight up ignoring the Hood Internet, Breakbot, Peace, and Brenmar.

I got separated from my crew at some point and mistakenly assumed I’d been ditched. So I headed across I-35 to East 6th and found my way to the White Horse Tavern, a dang good stop along the Hillbilly Highway. I caught a set from Mayeux & Broussard, a hot honky tonk group, and the crowd was wild. Never have I seen so much two-stepping in all my days.

Anyhow, we’re off right now to get our press passes and report on Day 1 of SXSW.

Check back here for daily reporting through Saturday, and keep posted to Facebook and Twitter for regular updates and photos. – SB

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