Animal Teeth – Me & You


Animal Teeth’s debut album depicts an upwards spiraling path of a band to the apex of an indie rock mountain. For a band that has been playing for just over a year, they have tapped into a number of pop sensibilities that take you from point A to point Z. “Borealis Buffalo” and the title track set a mood of lazy joy, accompanied by a lead guitar that seems to dance behind lead singer and principal songwriter Stefan Hodges’ soaring range of catchy melodies. This is immediately contrasted by “Holly” an attempt at forlorn depression that fails to break your heart. It’s like an apology to a girlfriend that you broke up with but never really cared about that much in the first place. The standout track is “Circles,” which begins with a Slowdive-esque reverbed out guitar sequence that feels like you’re swimming in the clouds. The structure of the song is circular, starting at a dreamlike state, then to the moment you wake up in the morning, confused and unimpressed, to the end of the day when you can’t sleep and there are bending tones screaming in your ears. And then all that over again. The album ends with “Faust,” a danceable ballad that finally captures the raw energy that the band exerts at their live shows. The loudness is accented by a screaming guitar ostensibly influenced by Isaac Brock. Me & You is a strong record that promises interesting things to come from these four prairie youngsters. (Independent, Mischa Decter

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