Jane’s Party – Hot Noise


Toronto’s Jane’s Party know exactly how to write a catchy indie pop/rock song, however they seem to be stuck using precisely the same formula for every song to achieve said catchiness. Whereas the album Hot Noise, the band’s second record, is an enjoyable, consistent and easy listen, the album flows from track to track, with the general sound and feel going unchanged. Jane’s Party is clearly a talented group on account of their impressive vocal harmonies, guitar chop and tone. However, the album remains underwhelming throughout. Fans of Guster and Phoenix would be immediately drawn to Hot Noise, however lyrically the album is full of recycled jaded views on being in your twenties and people you know moving away. While lyrically uninspired, the band is full of potential, the harmonies hit the mark and the music is pleasant and accessible while maintaining some cool factor. Jane’s Party earlier EP features an extensive horn section which is clearly missed on the full LP. “Til You Got Yours” is an album highlight that gives listeners a very clear idea of what the album is all about. Hot Noise is worth the listen and can be a great soundtrack for a fun night, even though the lyrics are already in your head. (Cameron House Records, janesparty.com) Gilad Carroll

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