Barrence Whitfield & the Savages – Dig Thy Savage Soul

ALBUM COVER_bs208_savages_cvr351

Barrence Whitfield & the Savages are a balls-to-the-wall, whisky and wine soaked rockin’ motherfuckin’ blues band. Typical of most Bloodshot releases, these guys are the real fuckin’ deal, and they pull no punches in delivering classic, raw American music. Whitfield’s growl has seen hard times and harder times, but he does not give two fucks when he’s telling you some honest to God truths on “Bread,” “My Baby Didn’t Come Home,” or “I’m Sad About It.” The whole album rocks, and I’ve been blasting it on repeat here in the Stylus office, in part to console myself about working a dungeon during the heat of summer, and another because it’s been hard to find anything as raw or power that’s come across my desk in the past two months. Here’s to hoping Whitfield & The Savages will be rocking it out for a while, this time around. (Bloodshot Records, Sheldon Birnie

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