Distances – Boulders


If you haven’t heard of Winnipeg band Distances yet, this EP will be putting them in the spotlight. Boulders is a melodic pop-punk fan’s wet dream. In just three songs, Distances are able to bring you right into the heart and soul of their band. Think you’re good at coming up with harmonies? Chances are they’ve already got it covered. They are dead on and extremely powerful. They have four members who contribute to vocals on this album, each with a very distinct and complimenting sound to one another. It makes this EP ideal for the sing-along lovers, which we know is a must have for this genre. Even their guitars are singing perfectly in harmony.

With the many different parts and interludes in each song, it’s obvious these five guys are not new to the game; even though the band has only been together since 2012. Distances have the pop-punk/melodic post-hardcore sound dialed, they are definitely showcasing some serious talent that’s right up there with the best of them. It leaves you wanting more, which I’m sure was part of the plan for the Boulders EP. This is a must-have. (Independent, distancesmusic.bandcamp.com/) Jenna Priestner


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