Speed Control – F.A.B.


This three piece Yukon punk band didn’t take long to catch my interest. I picked up this CD because a stranger told me it was “fun,” and that pretty much sums it up. The first track “Because I Can” reminded me of Comeback Kid. That carried on a bit through “Seeing Blue” and “Kick and Drag.” I thought “Oh God, more hardcore.” I don’t know much about the Yukon, but these guys are making me start to think they’re from Ireland, with “All my Songs” giving off that upbeat pub-style shenanigan feel. These dudes are almost a hardcore band, but they spice it up just enough to confuse the public into generalizing them as a rock group. I was really sold when I heard “Breed,” which tricked my mind into thinking I was in a 90s movie, with the song being a Nirvana cover and all. F.A.B. is their second album, and it makes me want to check out their first. (Independent, speedcontrol.ca) Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell


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