Caribou – Our Love


Beloved electro-indie master Caribou returns to adoring hipsters everywhere with his sixth studio album, Our Love. The album has a much different vibe than his previous 2010 release Odessa, which was shortlisted for the Polaris Prize and won that year’s Juno for best electronic album of the year. Our Love incorporates Caribou’s signature eclectic percussive beats with internet-trendy house vibes and soulful love tunes. Playing with deep pulsating tones and an introverted personal focus, many have pointed out that this is his most personal album to date. The first track “Can’t Do Without You” is a perfect song to get the album going – a distant muddied voice sings while the rhythm of the track gets moving slowly and finally plateaus into a gorgeous and heated pop tune. O.L. is full of hits and I’m hard-pressed to pick favorites, but the title track, “Julia Brightly” and “Mars” stand out for me. The album explores themes within the ‘love-spectrum’ – euphoria and jubilance, then deep contemplation, followed by overwhelming anxiety, finally coming to a newfound equilibrium of the aforementioned. This is an exciting progression in the discography of an artist that has consistently produced music that is celebrated and enjoyed by audiences far and wide. As a fan, I’m thrilled. (Merge Records, Victoria King