High Ends – Super Class


You might be quite surprised to find out that Jeffery Innes is the man behind both Yukon Blonde and High Ends, two completely different sounds coming from the same brain. High Ends’ first album distances itself completely from the work of Yukon Blonde in a pretty satisfying way. “River Cruise” is one example where Jeffery Innes tries to take a step in the complete opposite direction. It’s a simple instrumental track, which basically adds as an introduction to the next track, “Ocean Song”, a creative and fun song that could best be described as bordering on “folk” and “synth-pop.” The melody on this song, as well as others such as “Working Man’s Blues” and “The Weight” would surely get the crowd moving in a live setting. “I’m Gonna Keep On Dancing” is almost a straightforward synth-pop song, but Innes’ vocal delivery, as well as that of the background vocals, turn it into something more engaging than that. It seems that the majority of the songs on this album feature Innes trying to take the retro sound of classic synth-pop and adding his own modern flair to it. He successfully achieves this by using his voice and creative lyrics, and alternating their importance with the futuristic sounds of a synthesiser. If part of Jeffery Innes’ intention of this project was to show he’s capable of something completely different than indie rock by way of a psychedelic sound, then he has succeeded. (Dine Alone, dinealonerecords.com) Matt Wiepjes