Birthday Wishes: Volume 1 :: A Collection of Mood Swings


By Zoe McCrea

Ever since Birthday Tapes’ first release of notme’s Sinking, plans for Birthday Wishes: Vol. 1 have been slowly, in the making. Putting together a (mostly) local, Canadian compilation of admired musicians, has been a project idea since before Birthday Tapes formally existed.

Birthday Tapes, like many other record labels out there, came from the enthusiasm to bring attention to unnoticed musicians. Most of the artists featured on the tape don’t have physical work, yet. A compilation album is the perfect way to release everyone, all at once.

A few of the artists featured on the compilation are local groups including Viewing Party, Mmars, Sam Singer as well as some solo acts like Orlando Gloom and Floor Cry. Viewing Party’s single “Dollhouse” was the first release off of both Birthday Wishes, as well as their debut EP On. coming this January. The fuzzy track “Cool” off of Mmars upcoming album is Birthdays Wishes next single. Two of the twelve tracks come from artists outside of Winnipeg, and one of them is London, Ontario’s Fish Food. This solo project of Joseph K. Sims creates introverted slacker pop, that shouldn’t go ignored.

The compilation presents a mix of different genres, yet still has a common thread that plays through the album. There isn’t one unifying sound, but the feeling is what brings it all together. This collection of musicians and their variety of styles, represent what to expect in the future from Birthday Tapes.

Come celebrate Birthday Wishes release on December 28th, by picking up a tape at the Park Theatre.