iansucks :: Don’t Give In to the Bad Feelings


By Alina Moore

With the recent release of their first physical album Don’t Give In to the Bad Feelings it is apparent that Iansucks, does not suck. Like in their song “Too Hard”, this album really has been a long time coming. Radiating tones of raw, relatable, melancholic honesty that can appeal to the moody millennial of our generation, or really anyone who has feelings.Not only are their lyrics relatable, especially to the born and raised Winnipegger, they also resonate various sounds and styles.  Ranging from indie-alternative, to dream-pop, to even an almost psychedelic-circus type vibe. This album will lull you into a trance like state that you will want to keep reliving by replaying it over and over again, as I have since I was introduced. The use of the organ-like synth, along with the additional instruments such as trumpet and saxophone give full atmospheric tones that echo and reverberate throughout, giving it hints of both new and old. These instruments parallel the sad, sad, so very sad sounding voices and rhythms of Emma Mayer, Kelly Beaton, David Schellenberg and Ian Ellis. The four of them, along with a few others featured on this album, collectively and individually give a diverse range of harmonies and expression to their music. Straight from the heart and out through their mouths, they portray soulful relevance. This album emits emotion, tapping into feelings. Mostly sad ones, but there’s comfort in the solace of relatable noise. If you have feelings, check out their new album, and maybe even their old one too on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.  Also, I have to bring attention the beautiful album art done by Emma Mayer, which perfectly encapsulates the tone of the album.

(Slow Shine Records, iansucks.bandcamp.com)