Barrence Whitfield & the Savages – Dig Thy Savage Soul

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Barrence Whitfield & the Savages are a balls-to-the-wall, whisky and wine soaked rockin’ motherfuckin’ blues band. Typical of most Bloodshot releases, these guys are the real fuckin’ deal, and they pull no punches in delivering classic, raw American music. Whitfield’s growl has seen hard times and harder times, but he does not give two fucks when he’s telling you some honest to God truths on “Bread,” “My Baby Didn’t Come Home,” or “I’m Sad About It.” Continue reading “Barrence Whitfield & the Savages – Dig Thy Savage Soul”

Dave Alvin – Eleven Eleven

Roots-rock artist Dave Alvin releases a grooving blues number for us with Eleven Eleven. Tapping into that rural-blues sound makes it a perfect listener for the backyard or in the truck blowing down our prairie roads. Alvin, a California native, has a long career of blues and roots music, all of which culminates in this release. For a roots-rock album, it does come off slightly polished on the production side, but this is made up for in the musicianship. Gritty guitar licks laced throughout and some deep soulful vocals get you moving. Timing is perfect as Alvin brings you down to the mellow side midway through, while keeping in touch with that rural vibe, and finishes off the album with “Two Lucky Bums” – a duet with Chris Gaffney – that livens your mood just in time to send you packing. Inside and out, it’s a respectable release. Dave Alvin looks exactly how he sounds and that’s how it should be. Good honest blues, and there’s no lack of it here. (Yep Rock, Kitchen for Stylus Magazine