Odanah :: Post Folk


By Natalie Bohrn

“We have church,” Mike Fox laughs on a brisk spring afternoon over bagels and beer at the Sherbrook Street Delicatessen. I’ve asked about his band Odanah’s rehearsal rituals. “We’ve got a good little thing going on,” he says. “Instead of jamming on Friday nights with a few beers, we get together on Sundays at 10 in the morning with coffee… It’s become a good way to get stuff done.”

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Pressed caps and nervous nights :: Strange Memories with The Nods and Alverstone


Nods_Alverstone Edited

By Samuel Swanson

Dozens of pressed caps of ecstasy litter the art on a CD titled Strange Memories on this Nervous Night. “For every cap, there’s a strange memory that comes with it,” remarked Jonathan Broeska, front man of The Nods, who will be hosting a reunion / CD release show with Alverstone on Friday May 29, at The Cavern. “If we can track some of those [caps] down that would be pretty cool,” suggested Micah Braun, former Nods lead guitarist, now at the helm of local pop rock sweetheart, Jicah.

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Cantor Dust Creating a world (un)like any other

cantor dust

by Sheldon Birnie

A dark, all encompassing emptiness is creeping towards the world. Society’s minders have grown complacent in the decades since the world’s last great challenge. Now, before their greatest challenge, the police, the firefighters, the army and the national guard can do nothing to stop the encroaching darkness. Where are the superheroes who saved the day so many times before? They’ve gone to fat in the pasture, crippled by their own anxieties, addictions, and lack of faith. Continue reading “Cantor Dust Creating a world (un)like any other”

Black Cloud :: A change in atmosphere


by Gil Carroll

Black Cloud is a five piece explosively beautiful instrumental band from Winnipeg that defy what it means to be a young rock band. Stylus was excited to have them perform at the 25th anniversary show in September, and was not disappointed by the three guitar onslaught. Our assistant editor had the chance to sit down in a Wolseley home with Adrian Schroeder, Brett Ticzon, and Darin Rudd who all play guitar. Continue reading “Black Cloud :: A change in atmosphere”