CKUW to host annual NCRC conference next week

NCRC 2013

From June 11 to 15, CKUW will play host to the National Campus Radio Conference, an annual event that brings together representatives, volunteers, and staff from campus and community stations across Canada to take part in workshops and events to learn and discuss how to make better radio.

“Specifically this year, the emphasis is not just making better radio,” Victoria King, volunteer coordinator at CKUW (and sometime Stylus contributor) explained to Stylus, “but building community and making healthy radio stations that affect community and inspire it.”

With workshops focused on anti-oppression, decolonization, and collaboration, as well as interview techniques, guerrilla marketing, and narrationless documentary, there are plenty to keep delegates interested.

“We’re excited because CKUW is hosting the conference,” says King, “and we’re having our 50th anniversary this year. So it’s kind of a big, exciting time for us at the station. There’s a lot to be proud of and a lot to work on.”

“Staff and programmers get to exchange ideas that only help to make what we do better,” explains Robin Erickson, program director at CKUW and conference coordinator. “If you are passionate about community news/spoken word and underground music, then this will be a really exciting week to attend.”

“There will definitely be some great opportunities for learning and networking,” continues Erickson. “And for those students interested in attending the workshop sessions they should register at the station before the conference.”

Not only are students invited to attend the workshops, but anyone interested in campus and community radio should take a look at the program and attend if they wish.

“Outside of the Awards Gala and the Paddlewheel Cruise which are for paid conference delegates,” says Erickson, “all other evening events are open to the public and most are free of charge.”

“I think coming to this conference is a really great opportunity to see what the opportunities [in campus / community radio] are,” says King.

To check out the conference schedule and workshops, and other opportunities to get involved in campus radio at CKUW, take a look at or, or pop into the station on campus at the University of Winnipeg.


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