CKUWho :: New volunteer driven shows on the airwaves


by Sheldon Birnie

 Part of the excitement at a volunteer driven organization like CKUW is that things are always changing. Volunteers come and go, the ones who stay learning new skills and developing new interests. New volunteers always bring with them fresh enthusiasm, and new ideas. While many CKUW volunteers have been with the station for years — some of them at the helm of shows that have been around since the station went FM in 1999 — there are always new volunteers eager to get their feet wet.

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CKUW Celebrates 50 years on the air!


by Victoria King, photo from the CKUW archives, circa mid-80s.

More often than not, we’re mistaken for a secret study space. People wander up our flamboyant yellow stairs, hoping to find repose and peace amidst a sea of textbooks and cell phones. Instead they stumble upon a den of music geeks, activists, anarchists, journalist-types, etc. There are posters on the walls, stickers attached to almost every surface, and odd pieces of nostalgia that have been propped up on bookshelves and cabinets (see the Hillary Clinton nutcracker above Program Director Robin Eriksson’s desk, for one example). This attic-like sanctum is home to CKUW, 95.9 FM; that campus-community beast on your radio dial, smack-dab in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. Continue reading “CKUW Celebrates 50 years on the air!”